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Are tizanidine or tramadol narcotic or non-narcotic drugs?

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jmoon6969 5 Dec 2009

tremadol I believe is a non narcotic treated for mild depression and seizers

aminah760 18 Apr 2010

tramadol is a cross over drug, it is non narcotic but it tricks the brain and has similar effect to narcotic and can be addicting/habbit forming. It is not prescribed for depression at all. It is prescribed for moderate to severe pain.

Sandyparkranger 25 Aug 2017

I was on tramadol for my fibromyalgia for 9yrs. A bit ago it was not a narcotic but here in Florida it is as of 2yrs now. It does change state to state. You will have to consult your states laboratory.

Traceyr 21 Jan 2018

Tramadol is addictive. I took it for 13 years for fibromyalgia. Even though I was on a low dose as needed, I found I needed it every four days. It was not true pain but withdrawal pain. This drug is a synthetic morphine. I went through three weeks of withdrawal including terrible pain, anxiety, feelings of something under my skin on occasion, and chills as when something creepy startles you. I feel so much better and am in less pain than when I took it. I'm now weening off other meds that have made me sicker like muscle relaxers. Get off this drug!!! Ween down. I did it cold turkey because I truly didn't take much to begin with. My mom and sis got off of it too and also feel better. This is a bad drug as are all painkillers except in emergency cases like after surgery or with a broken bone. They work better too. free discount card

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