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Is this the drug recently recalled by the FDA because it caused irregular heartbeat ?

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Anonymous 20 Nov 2010

The name of the med was not in ur post but if it was darvon, darvocet or propoxyphene, the generic of darvocet, then YES, it was pulled yesterday.

durant1928 20 Nov 2010

How best to destroy unused tablets ?

Anonymous 20 Nov 2010

I am not certain but i think Avandia, Meridia and possibly Xenical have all recently been pulled. the darvocet was definitely pulled for the reason u gave.

Anonymous 20 Nov 2010

Call or return them to pharmacy, DON'T Flush them, they get into the groundwater.

durant1928 20 Nov 2010

Thank you. I will not flush them.

oxyaaron 20 Nov 2010

darvocet has been recalled???

Anonymous 20 Nov 2010

Yeah, yesterday. free discount card

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