I take the shot and do not react for about 5-6 hours... but I react for a full week. (only my 2nd shot now) The first time, the reactions ended after day 2, now I am up to 6 days. I feel tired and talking is just too much effort. I can work, but my vision seems worse and my joints are absolutely excruciating this time. Aspirin and tylenol do not touch the pain. I can't even appreciate a huge improvment with vicoden or methadone. I can't believe how painful my hips are. I awake with discomfort in my hips... laying on my back hurts... and laying on my side is impossible due to the hip pain. Is this normal with Avonex? I am actually energized by the injection initially for about 3 hours (I think that is psychologic) then I start getting really sore. The first injection brought the most horrible chills, but they went away... now I just have the increasing sciatic/hip pain and body aches. I don't even want to talk anymore... and I don't sleep well anymore. Is this a wierd side effect of the meds or something different going on??