I was diagnosed with Dysthemia and OCD over 10 years ago, haven't been on meds for a long time since everyone seems to have some ill side affect. However, something new has come up and I was wondering if it is from my depression, I know that depression affects sleep, however mine usually affected me to where I didn't sleep, now I can sleep for days, 2 weekends ago, I slept from friday evening around 4:00pm to Sunday morning around 10am, got up just to use the restroom and went back to sleep until Monday morning around 9am. I can do this numerous times a month, I will sleep anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, my doc didn't seem to blink twice about it, we just decided for me to try Prozac again, which I took when I was first diganosed and it worked best with least side affects. So my question is has anyone out there with depression ever had periods of time where they slept that much?