I have been in pain management for 15 yrs. My 1st doc I was with for many years, then his practice closed and I seen 2 other ones briefly, and then my last doc dumped me due to insurance issues. I was with him for 6 yrs. When I was dumped I got no referral nothing. I was hoping to find a new doc quick but could not find anyone that accepted my insurance. (state Insurance) Most specialist are dumping it.Because I could noty find a dr., my primary doc bridged for me but not the medicine I was on at all. Then I found what I thought was going to be a great doc. I am so unhappy with him.For at least 10 years I have been on 120 mg of methadone per day and 30 mg of oxycodone 1 @ 3-4xpday. Because the dr of 6 yrs. justs dumped me , my pcp did not yet have my records from him so he would not write me anything at all. I had to go to the ER a couple times that was just a couple day relief. and I was in so much pain not to count the withdrawal symptoms. I even went to a methadone clinic for help but was turned away because I am not abusing drugs. I know that. So when I finally found the dr Im with now I first thought he was going to be awesome., He was nice but did not give the time to listen to me, He just wrote me 20mg methadone a day and percocet 7.5 1@4xpday. and scheduled a lumbar injection. OK Thought well maybe this will help.I had the lumbar injection and I ended up bedridden for many of the days in the month with severe migraines and I am now having severe sciatic nerve pain. I need my cane every morning, and have called out of work to the point of maybe gettign fired. I told him this on the last visit and told him the meds are not helping me. The percs make me sick so i dont take them . I know oxycodone is the same but I think the acemidiphin messes me up not to count that my SGOT level increases that was why I had the oxys.He did not want to even discuss the possibilty to incrrease my meds to at least make me comfortable., but scheduled yet another procedure. An epidural this time and I do not want to have it as the last one I had from another dr gave me the worst spinal migraines and it did not help me at all, I am concerned because I have an appt with a new pain dr for another opinion. I intend to provide all my records along with a copy of my prescriptions from my pharmacy who I been with for 20 yrs. I am suffering needlessly and just want to live again. I am a single mom on partial disablility who is trying to provide for her family . I cant do that in this much pain. I have fibromyalgia,Interstitial cystitis, spinal arthritis,neuropothy, severe migraines ,Restless leg syndrome etc . I just want to make sure that I do not break any rules as I have always been honest. Can I go to another doctor? If I like the new doctor I do not intend to continue the one I have now. I appreciate any advise. Thanks so much. forgive me of the long post.