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Is Vioxx a narcotic?

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Anonymous 13 Nov 2010

Hello vickie31,

Vioxx is in a class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), so it is not a narcotic. Vioxx works by reducing substances that cause inflammation, pain, and fever in the body.

Have a nice evening,


vickie31 13 Nov 2010

thank you so much, what are side effects that you had while taking it??

ramdom 13 Nov 2010

The most famous side effects of Vioxx became public when Merck voluntarily withdrew it from the market because of concerns regarding stroke and heart attack after long term high dosage use.

Since it is a selective COX2 inhibitor, it would be expected to have less severe impact on the stomach lining (unlike many/most NSAIDs that are considered to be nonselective COX inhibitors).

Aside from these, it is largely expected to be similar to other NSAIDs (like ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.).

I research the substances and molecules listed.

Anonymous 13 Nov 2010

Hello again,

I took it many years ago and did not have any side effects... Thank God.-

Do bare in mind that they are possible side effects meaning you may experience some or none, it all depends on how your organism reacts to the medication.

Important additional information:

Please click on the link below to read further information on why this medication was withdrawn from the U.S.A. in 2004.-

All the best.-

Anonymous 14 Nov 2010

Right on the money ramdom.-

Anonymous 14 Nov 2010


I feel I must explain a situation which happened with your question which is the following:

I remembered the important additional information I wrote down on my comment, while I was doing so the member ramdom had already beat me to it , as I was writing my new comment down, I did not know he had already wrote down his comment which by the way is very right, and I did not copy any of his valuable information , when it comes to I am very serious about what I do here. You can check for yourself if you want and have the time by clicking on my my avatar (my face) and the clicking on my stats.

I apologise for not giving you this most important information before.- I only hope you can forgive me with all due respect.-

Thank you.-

warholicjm197 14 Nov 2010

yes it is not a narcotic
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