It's not really a question, I am posing, however, if it's not posed as a question the site won't put it up.

I've noticed a good thing happening.

As I have said I do take valium. What I have noticed, and this is just happening in the past week or so, is I have much less a desire to take my valiums just because. It was more of a fight within me not to take them unless I was supposed to. I was winning that fight most of the time. Something I have noticed just recently is I have less desire to take them, even at night. I haven't a couple of times-and other times I wait until I am in bed and have been in bed to see if I am restless before I take them.
This is HUGE for me.
I think there is something in the sub which is helping me with this too!

I think it's wonderful, I really do!