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Is there treatment for neuropathy, when you dont know the cause?

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Rajive Goel 25 Jun 2010

There is a treatment to neuropathy, the cause could be determined by your doc, he.she would be the best person to do so as they would diagnose after studying your medical history, hope the helps? Good luck!

bwreid 25 Jun 2010

I have idiopathic neuropathy and take tramadol and gabapentin. The doctor did a very painful nerve test, they still don't know what caused my problem!! I have been living with it now for 5 years. With the pain meds its bearable. Good luck

Rajive Goel 26 Jun 2010

I suffer from post stent (heart) nerve pain from my right hip to the ankle, it is indeed painful all day, guess have no choice but to live with it, wish you luck, get well & do also let me know the remedy, thanks.

eclif 26 Jun 2010

Hi I have PN. and have never been diagnosed why. It started 30 years ago when I was in my 20's and has progressed over the years, I have been seen at the Mayo Clinic Neuro dept and the Pain clinic there. I take 60mg's of Cymbalta for the nerve pain, seems to help some , I have Percocet 5mg for some of the break through pain. A good Doctor and lots of prayers seem to work for me. I am not pain free but I can manage, I have taken neurontin and shortly after that I lost most of my balance, I never recovered it. Some of the treatments for pain have alot of side effects so it is kind of trial and error. The best of luck to you. free discount card

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