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Is there such thing as 20 mg roxicodone?

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Psyched 25 Jun 2011

Yes, both the immediate release and the controlled release roxicodones come in a 20mg tablet.

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2011

I have to disagree with you there Psyched. Roxicodone is a brand name for immediate release oxycodone and comes in 5mg, 15mg, and 30mg strength. Roxicodone is not long acting. Oxycodone in the long acting form is OxyContin which does come in a 20mg strength. I cannot find a 20mg in a short acting form pill. Let me look at a couple more resources and 'll get back to you on it.

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2011

I have looked at several resources including the FDA website and short acting oxycodone (by itself, not in combo w/acetaminophen) comes in 5mg, 15mg and 30mg tablets. OxyContin, the long acting form, comes in a 20mg strength and the liquid comes in a 20mg/ml strength but I was unable to find a short acting pill that came in the 20mg strength.

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2011

Ok-I take that back-you are right. I did find a few generic oxycodones that are available in a short acting 20 mg strength. Apologies. Not Roxicodone though. It is a brand name and does come in only the 5, 15 and 30mg strength but that is splitting hairs!

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2011

I learn something new every day!!

cbunny63 24 Mar 2015

Yes there is ! Oxycodone 20mg. HCL Imidiate release is the generic name for Roxicodone .

chrisk57 11 May 2012

A direct answer to this question is YES there is a 20mg version of generic Roxicodone made bye KvK-Tech Lab. I am currently prescribed these and thus far they have been very effective they are small round and grey the back of the pill is smooth and the front of the pill is scored and says K 57. I hope this helps.

crazywade 26 Jan 2013

You are correct. I was put on the 20 mg. roxy's today imprinted with k 57. It is true. They exist free discount card

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