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Is there such a thing of a 1000mg vicodin?

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Sh1thappns 26 Oct 2010

No there is no 1000mg vicodin. Vicodin comes in 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg. You probably thinking about the Acetaminophen that comes in the vicodin. that is basically Tylenol and the mg for that can be 500mg, 660mg, and 750mg. If you took 1000mg of vicodin you would probably go into respiratory distress and die. Like I said before there is no 1000mg tablet of vicodin. the only way you could take 1000mg is if you were to take 100 10mg vicodins and that would be crazy.Hope this helps.

christineATU 26 Oct 2010

sh1thappens is right. But you also want to be careful with the amount of acetaminophen you take daily as it could be harmful to your liver. Take care and be safe.

Sacosam 2 Nov 2010

Hi there "Shi( )happns"... I love your handle... and there just ain't hardly, a 1000mg.vicodin"... nope"... Nosireeeee! ! and now that i'm back from the dead (;->), and halloween's over, I'm sure Christine ATU will back me 110% on this "LOL"! Sacosam

christineATU 2 Nov 2010

Alway brother!

UNLVGRAD 2 Nov 2010

1000 mg of vicodin... well that would be quite the experience ;)
Never heard of that. And as the previous posters mentioned becare with the tylenol in the pills. I'm in my late 20's and was in the hospital recently with Liver failure from tylenol. Almost lost my liver. Was in the ICU. Not fun. One never knows how much tylenol your body can take.

Sh1thappns 29 Dec 2010

just curious but how much did you take that day and for how long were you taking it before it made you sick? free discount card

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