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Is there such a thing as a stimulant anti-depressant?

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Inactive 23 Aug 2011

Hello June77 .My answer is yes. Most all do up to a given point. A fair question, I'll explain why. My answer might sound silly, or stupid and its not meant to be or sound like it. The anti-depressant, and then it coming from different drug families, ssri vs say maoi etc. Then used alone, or as in a combo, or often three or four combinations. I honestly feel, that, say taking a certain drug-medication, after a given time, you feel better, activity up, depression is lifted, or much better, again the different types of depression, and so on. If, things are rose(ie), you are no longer as you once were, then that drug, has stimulated you in such a way that it did just that, It stimulated that part of the brain, got to the core of the problem, and so called solved it. Hence the anti-depressant in that case is a stimulant. Make sense? My thoughts. The only true "stimulant" that is used often to fight ocd-depression, is ECT. And thats done via electrodes etc etc. In other words a true physical stimulant. the best to you June77, be well. free discount card

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