syrup for pneumonia/pleurosy. Only took at night for 3 nights. Having extreme pain taking deep breaths.Recent mri on neck & midback shows severe disc bulging on EVERY disc in my entire spine, scoliosis, & moderate to severe arthritis. The breathing issue scares me & I was told by my neurosurgeon that all I can do is try to slow the progression. I have a 3 level fusion w/titanium plate & screws in my neck and have had 4 surgeries on my neck. I have appt w/mgmnt. in a couple of weeks.
Confession: have taken my old script of Soma twice a day & hydrocodeine 5 mg 3 times a day. Been 5 days & obviously helps. Should I stop now & suffer before the monster under the bed devours me? I'm really scared. Pain mgtmt has been trying to get me back on subs since I weaned myself w/the help of this forum. Don't know what they will recommend with the latest mri results. Any thoughts? Thanks for listening.