I suffer from CRPS/RSD and call IV Diphenhydramine my wonder drug. I have to take it when I am on Vancomycin to stop the "Red Man Syndrome", but it also stops my nausea and itching from any IV pain meds I may be on, plus the CRPS/RDS causes nausea from the constant pain and pain meds. Because I take it orally when at home and not getting IV Vanco or other drugs, it works well for my nausea, itching and pain. It tastes nasty when being infused. Doctors often seem to feel it's an addictive drug, but I have never gotten a "high" nor does it even effect me as far as sleep because I have been on the oral so long. I just make sure I don't take more than 300 Mg. a day orally and 350 a day when given IV. Is there data that it helps with pain. When I am in hospital, I have had RN's tell me other patients tell them the same thing, it helps with pain.
One of my pain docs had me on the IV Diphendramine for four months before I got tired of taking it, and I only used 2 1/2 months of a very high dose of Dilaudid prescribed. Seems they would prefer a patient to take it as opposed to high doses of narcotics if it works that well. I have a Portacath implanted due to all the procedures done on me, and my veins decided to run away. Prior to that, I was getting CVP Placement often three to four times a year and developed so much scar tissue, even Cardiologists and Surgeons were having hard time accessing my IJ or EX J Veins and were going Sub-Clavian. I hated those Central Lines. Had one RN not do a sterile dressing change, and developed a 106 temp, I was later told. Last thing I remembered was telling my CNA I didn't think the RN put the Timpanic Thermometer far enough in my ear and she didn't. She said it was only 99.9, which is still high for me, and when he did it, he got 102.7, and remember battling them for my blankets and sheets. They relented and let me keep one sheet, but it was only an hour after he took it that I don't remember anything until the next day and was told how high it had gotten.

Anyway, am just curious if there is data I can use to show my PCP that it indeed does help my pain.