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Is there anything over the counter I can take for anxiety?

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donmemo 5 Mar 2010

I have used SERELAX which is all natural. Really like it. I will try to find the web site and post the link.

laurennbman 5 Mar 2010

Well I used to have anxiety attacks over stress. I was prescribed Zanax, but after a couple of weeks it seemed too dependent and scared me; which your just like me, I've been trying to find some remedies to help w/ my anxiety b/c I don't want to be dependent on a medicine. So far, like energy types of stuff helps for me; I changed my diet and I take vitamins now and try to stay positive just make your mood change by yourself, make Ur self happy. Hope this can help you a little b/c i was there once. Good Luck!


Sideffects2 5 Mar 2010

Ask your Dr. about B vitamin complex & L-Theatine and Valerian Root. Best of Luck! We really need it here.

drcabuguas 11 Mar 2010

To relieve your anxiety, I'd like to share an alternative medicine for you. Take Ganoderma capsules - 2 capsules 2 x daily in an empty stomach It could give you a good night sleep because based on proven research ganoderma contains triterpenoid which is an adaptogen. This is safe and effective, no adverse reactions even in a long term use, with a solid gold guarantee

This is a red mushroom and the scientific name for ganoderma is Ganoderma Lucidum.The maker of this Ganoderma capsules is
If you are interested to search for more details, please
browse some of the researced abstracrs indexed at Entrez Pubmed; just write: <ganoderma lucidum (anxiety)> at the search box of Entrez pubmed.

As a practising physician, I also give Fish Oil Omega3 capsules - 4000 mg daily divided into 2000 mg 2 x daily with meals. It is safe to combine this alternative interventions. free discount card

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