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Is there anything natural that can take the place of coumidin?

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Anonymous 31 May 2010

I would NO. If you need coumidin to thin your blood, there is no natural way to thin your blood as much as needed.
Coumidin is safe when used as directed and checked as often as told to.

marjorie zych 2 Jun 2010

There is a few but wouldn't reccommend it unless you just can't take the Coumadin. They are as follows: Amise, Arnica, Chamomile, clove, dong-quai, Gingseng, Garlic, Ginger and Ginko. If you want you blood thinner you could simply take Aspirin if not allergic. Good luck with you dilemma. Coumadin is tricky but it is a great drug. free discount card

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