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Is there anything/meds that can help with stopping depression?

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oxyaaron 12 Dec 2010

This is best discussed with your doctor but yes there are many many different antideppressants, such as SSRI's SNRI's ,MAO inhibitors, and tricyclics, those are the ones i know of but there may be more

skii 13 Dec 2010

i haven't heard of anything but they keep coming out with new pills.Usualy they cost more then a car but some of these old ones are working pretty good.Some poeple are getting better & going down to lesser doses.

Marvell 13 Dec 2010

If you think you are feeling depressed please see a doctor as soon as possible. There are medicines and other forms of therapy available to help you with depression.

All the best.

khunt 13 Dec 2010

I Have been dealing with depression since i was a little kid, i get so tired of feeling like that. I'm on cymbalta and abilify right now. i have manic depression and panic attacks . I don't know what else to do. I don't have any insurance, so i get pushed around by doctors all the time. free discount card

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