... muscle&joint pain,degenerative disc disease,severe depression,anxiety attacks,aggressiveness,hair loss,all sorts of abnormal boodwork results,impaired wound healing,menstrual period stopping for over5yrs.,etc.etc.etc.) ten years or more after stopping the drug Accutane? I began suffering from these and many more apparently unrelated health problems in my thirtys after taking Accutane in my twentys. Two weeks ago,after an unrelated trip to a different dermatologist,I found out about all the problems related w/ taking Accutane.I had been extremely out of the loop apparently,because this was the first I'd heard about them.(Of course I'd been rather busy;what w/ losing my business,having to go on Disability,having4 surgeries,and being so depressed I want to die some days). I couldn't believe it!! Everything I'd been suffering w/ was a side effect of Accutane!!! But I have yet to hear of anyone else having there problems start so long after disc. the medication;and still having said problems so many yrs. later.(I'm now 44) Also most of my problems all seem to be in the rare to small chance of ever getting them category. Is there anyone else out there whos problems(most of them anyway) started so long after being treated w/ Accutane? Thank you in advance for your response.