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Is there anyone in San Diego Ca, that can tell me where to get RX filled for methadone 40mg,bid?

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GeorgiaGirl 14 Nov 2010

I am not sure exactly what youare asking but I believe you are wanting to fill a prescription for the 40mg diskettes. Retail pharmacies can no longer dispense the 40 mg diskettes, they can only dispense 5 and 10mg tablets. It applies to all states because so much of the methadone was being diverted and ending up on the streets.
The only ones presently able to dispense 40mg diskettes is the OTPS . They will only allow these programs (methadone maintenance treatment facilities) to dispense it for addiction. I don't know about California but in Georgia, many of the patients receiving methadone for pain management who were on high doses (ie. 600mg, 400mg) transferred over to the methadone maintenance treatment facilities. You can check and see if they will allow it in California because retail pharmacies no longer can dispense the 40 mg diskettes. They can dispense the 10 mg tablets to you, which would mean you would have to take 4 tablets for each dose which shouldn't be bad at all for you. It was impossible for some patients taking 800mg daily to take 80 (10mg) tablets daily.
I am hoping the information I supplied will help you and others who may not be familiar with the updated law. Retail pharmacies can only dispense the 5 and 10 mg tablets. It is a shame we ahve to suffer for those who illegally use methadone but it has become a fact of life.
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