I have been goi ng to a mental health facility in the next town from where I reside. I have been shoved from person to person. Simply not because of my dissatifaction. In which i've found myself to have now. It's because several of the workers that i've been under has either moved on to other jobs and has left the facilities. Some are not even happy with the facilities that was once the place they have worked hard for and not getting much reconition in any of the services they have rendered others in most need. Some of them to have been in the shoes of those they had helped and so wished that they to can help someone that needs help with what they have gone through . It is like a connection there. Only one difference. There's a break in the middle and that a line was drawn and now that several others have been dealt with either by what actionshave shown and what history that they have had in past days and in hopes o gaining some control over what they can do for the next. I myself have benn going through this for at least a whole life time. since I was 8 and well to say the least first comes family counseling then just the kids then single therapy then group. Yet still I find that several days a week that nothing will ever be the same since that day. I guess now that it is more or less something I have to live with and now know that someday I will die with it, and what do I have to show for it. Nothing but paper. If you put all my medical files into one thing, You'll have to have a library building for that. I can't count the number of times that I have been told that I have this illness. They seem to keep changing on me. I don't know if they really even seen that i've been diganosed wrong. All I have done was lost my father and a doctor who had not even seen me ever in his life and i've not even heard of his existance either. Had on the same day in meeting him put me into a hospital and for a whole month as well. I was so doped up that I was not even aware of my own family members that has come to see me. it seems like a dream to me and I wasn't sure what was happening. All I know is that one day I woke up and found that I have been given medications to take daily and for what reason? Just because I had cried in response to losing my father. For petes sakes I just lost my dad and the doctor didn't even understand that it was sadness. Well it had past. Yes i still do think of my dad and my mom who has past away the next year after my father did. Didn't the doctor understand that it would pass and that I would have been okay? No. He just saw $$$$$$$ signs and another person in which to shove medications into. Now I'm trapped in a world of taking medications for stuff that can be dealt with in other ways istead of medications. I sure hope that he is reading this cause I want to thank him for ruining my life. A life I could have had if only he not givien me the medications in the first place. You was Blind doctor and still I hope the ***** you're satified that you had ruined another life. I could have been something more. Instead I feel like a junkie, a dope attict. I'm now someone who is forever tarnished with medications for something that needed only time to heal not medications. Thanks for nothing. You are not a good doctor. I hope that you are happy with yourself. :(