I used to half an aspirin with a typical headache because that's all it took to work and I hated taking anything stronger. Then I hurt my back at work, which I could barely walk erect for weeks which lead to surgery in the end. After I woke up from the surgery I was in so much pain I was shaking uncontrollably and could hardly speak because of my teeth chattering! (Im not a sissy, I have given birth to three children... naturally!) The doctor came in and told my husband he couldn't up the pain med I was on (morphine drip) because it was as high as he could give. A couple of days later I was sent home with a rx for Lortab and Soma. I took those which helped with the pain but the side effect was it knocked me out. The problem is ever since then, I have SO much trouble finding ANYTHING that helps with pain anymore. I've been given doses high enough the doctor has literally put his hands up in disbelief saying I'd taken enough to knock out an elephant! But, no effect on me. I continue to suffer from chronic back pain and migraines I have had since childhood. I used to have to get the shots from the ER, once Im "knocked out" from the shots I ALWAYS woke up without the migraine. Now, even those shots have no effect at all. I can't even get relief from the "stop throwing up/diarrhea" shots anymore. I can't find anything that works for my Insomnia. I don't know what to do! My doctors scratch their heads, my husband shrugs his shoulders and asks what I expect him to do ( he's an FNP) when I turn to him for answers. Is there ANYONE that has any answers, suggestions, going through the same thing... Im at my wits end here. I need help, please