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Is there any type of pill I can ask my doctor for to help me stop drinking alcohol?

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htwooh 9 Mar 2010

There is a medication called antabuse that has been around for a long time. It can be given out at a clinic like methadone or depending on the circumstances taken on your own - if the desire to stop is very motivated. It will make you very, very, very sick if you drink while taking this. Some have tried and nearly died but the alternative is dying from alcohol. If you don't have the desire to stop drinking then nothing will do any good anyway. You really have to want it (sobriety) worse than anything else or nothing will stop you from drinking because you will always find a way around taking the medicine to keep you from drinking. Even laws of the country have not stopped people from drinking. If you are an alcoholic the only thing that will stop you is the desire to stop. AA was valuable in my stopping - I went to meetings every day for years and it has been 32 years and I have had 3 relapses inbetween but when you stop the way of life is so much better and I'm sure you've heard all that but if you can't stop you need to seek help because it is so much easier with people to talk to. Let me know if you need help and I will do what I can - the people on this site are very helpful. Good luck

Angry-confused 4 Jan 2017

Well said @htwooh I've been struggling with alcoholism on and off for the last 5yrs. I know I have a problem, I've accepted that but when I went to my doctor and asked if there was a pill of some kind that would help you know with the horrible withdrawals symptoms. She point blank told me no. Which led me to further my research elsewhere. Lo and behold here is something! I'm not the kind of person to go see a doc every wk, so if I show up that should account for something.
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