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Is there any type of meds that would stop the constant ringing in my ears?

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RemSupreme 14 Apr 2010

Some people get relief with Benzodiazipinesa such as xanax,klonopin,ativan etc.The downfall to those drugs is addiction but if it works I would stay on it.But I would try niacin first there is a report on tinnitus that using niacinhelps alot of people but if you get it.its over the counter drug you dont need a prescription,if you choose niacin get the no flush type or elsa your skin will feel sunburnt and you turn real red asnd your skin hurts,so look forno flush.Check other web sites they might have some other drugs that work better,Good Luck

dw66 14 Apr 2010

thanks 4 ur input i appreciate it

kellyandtodd 14 Apr 2010

If you have a constant ringing that has not gone away you should go the docs office because there could be a serious problem,hope this helps

dw66 14 Apr 2010

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