I've been getting fine itchy bumps (looks like 'keratin plugs') But I have been having general skin issues on my abdomen where it looks like a raised (non-discolored) circular bump and in the center is the hair follicle. It does not look like a pimple, but you can pull the hair out quite easily. I don't know if It is from dirt/dust debris, or other issues such as diet, fungus exposure whatnot. Some seem to get either infected or somewhat Ulcerative where a wide & fairly deep 'crater' forms in the center if the hair gets removed or pulled out. If that happens it is pussy, virulent, productive shade of green I've never seen before. I've been to 2 doctors and I swear they must think I'm on drugs because Im not sure if its due to allergens, or 'unseen' household or yard pests. I've thought about seeing a dermatologist to see if I need "gris peg g' or something like that (antifungal/keratin related drug). Any thoughts.