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Is there any treatment for epilepsy,and deaf and dum in india,pleas inform?

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Anonymous 13 Dec 2009

Of course there is, you need a doctor who is a Neurologist to treat the epilepsy and you should find a speech therapist who teaches sign language. We have occupational therapists in our country and they cooordinate specialists to help someone with disabilities. The Neurologist should be able to help you find some services in your Country. If you are having trouble locating a Neurologist and have money problems, try going to a medical college and the hospital that is associated with that college. I know you must have them as the city I live in has many doctors who come from India to study further at our medical college, The University of South Alabama. I am not sure how you can get the services though, as I know that there are political and social unspoken laws that might prevent you simply walking into a doctors clinic in your country. Try the medical college and hospital and ask for a Neurologist, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist to help. I will say a Prayer that you recieve help quickly. free discount card

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