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Is there any pill that can help to stop 5months old pregnancy? if there is what is that pill?

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Rajive Goel 14 Oct 2011

Would recommend that you should seek adivce form a gynecologist, please, its always better to be safe & well.

Take care, best wishes!

DzooBaby 14 Oct 2011

No, there is no pill that will terminate a 5 month along pregnancy. At this point you will need surgical intervention to discontinue the pregnancy. Have you ever considered going through with the pregnancy and giving the babe up for adoption. This could be a most precious gift for a couple who desperately want a babe of their own and cant have one. There are many very well-to-do or even very wealthy couples out there who would give a baby a most wonderful life. It could be a great, unselfish gift to your babe (who never asked to be conceived in the first place) and a lucky couple. You are over the halfway mark and in the home stretch of this pregnancy. I wish that more women would consider this rather than termination of a pregnancy. I know it is a hard decision either way-to terminate or to give up a baby. This baby is already developed and looks like a baby now-it is conscious and can feel pain.

pup6767 14 Oct 2011

Thank you dear Dzoo for such a wonderful answer. I was one of those people who could not carry a pregnancy. Each pregnancy (3) ended up in a miscarriage and was the most heartbreaking time of my life. I still grieve over the loss of my children.
Hazelnut... ending this child's life will change your life forever... and not for the good my dear. I am not trying to be mean... just honest and I am trying to say something so that will not be haunted for the rest of your life.
Raj is right... you need to see an obstetrician. You need to see your baby in an ultrasound and see that he or she is a fully formed human being.
You will fervently be in my prayers dear hazelnut. Pup

litlmommag 16 Oct 2011

Rajive dezoobaby and pup are absolutly correct they have said everything I would have with an epidersl at delivery contractions nt that bad. The real question to me is why do you wanna end this sweetheart? I really think you should talk about that! It will be alright please talk about it!!! Jaime free discount card

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