i have been on the oxi 60's for the past year. had neck fusion done in 2002 and was subsequently touched by nurses in the hospital who DID NOT WEAR GLOVES and end result was a flesh eating staph infection that exposed my spine for 8 months. was unfortunately diagnosed 2 years ago with MRSA, which is fatal(mine is in my blood stream and have continually had MRSA pneumonia and MRSA cellulitis). i went for 8 years without any pain medication because no doctor would touch me(once wound was almost closed i had wires sticking out). finally found a compassionate doc who has truly cared. for extended relief the oxi's were perfect. had other meds for breakthru pain. these new op's are 100% crap- am left with splitting headaches and horrible nausea. what i want to know is this: why are the ones who legitimately need this medication being punished for the other aholes who abuse it? i take my pills orally, not by smoking or crushing them or whatever. is there any recourse and any ideas as to what that may be? does anyone know in the state of washington where these may still be available? i called the local walgreens and was told they have no generic available, neither ethex or apotex. thank you for hearing me out:)