... on 30 mg Cymbalta should I switch to 50 mg Savella two times a day? As background... I was on Zoloft for fibromyalgia, then IBS for over a year, and was "blah" kind of emotionless, feelingless. My doc prescribed Cymbalta 30 mg per day, and it was fine, except I couldn't stand the sweating, I weaned off and began crying regularly, I went back off about 2 months later and stayed on 30 mg EVERY OTHER day. This worked out fine for about 6 months. My shoulder spasmed and right upper arm became very painful, and as a result of interrrupted sleep from the pain my fibromyalagia kicked back in (it had been undercontrol for about 10 years). New doc recommended Savella and gave me two week trial that takes me up to 50 ml twice a day. That seems like a lot for someone who was doing well on 30 mg every other day of Cymbalta