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Is there any need for using any other pregnancy control meanwhile you are taking Yaz pills?

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Inactive 9 Jun 2011

after you have taken the first packs whole regimen of active pills correctly, no, you do not need another form of birth control. However, if one is on accutane or any of its generic forms, 2 forms of birth control are required for women as it causes birth defects, other than that, no other birth control is needed, even while on the inactive pills.

12172 9 Jun 2011

thankks for yor helpful answer.. but i wanna know if I can be 100% sure that I wont get pregnant if I take Yaz pills regulary , or is there any sign for me to understand that maybe I am getting pregnant..for more information I should tell im 24 and it is the firs pack of my yaz pills , I started taking the pills 2 weeks ago and my husband is not interested in using anyother barrier methods. we had not have intercourse yet..

Inactive 9 Jun 2011

some doctors say you are safe after just the first 7 active pills, but most women who want to be absolutely sure will wait or use a second method until after the first whole set of active pills are taken. The pill has a 99% protection rate against pregnancy unless you miss some of them, actually it is slightly higher, more like 99.3% of protection, but couldn't remember what the tenths of a percent were. It is also pretty common for a woman to experience some nausea or other side effects until the first 3 months of being on the pill, those side effects will go away after that first 3 months, and your period may be lighter and you could even skip one and still not be pregnant. Just make sure you take all the active pills correctly and you should be fine. free discount card

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