I just started taking Savella 3 days ago and I had side effects from this. The side effects were headaches, nausea feeling, swelling of the tongue, tingling of the lips, insomnia, restless feeling and some constipation. I called my doctor and he had me to stop. I suffer also from severe migraines and IBS. I will talk with him again on Thursday to see if a different treatment will work. I do not want something that will make me gain weight.

I first started to feel symptoms this past February. After going through sevaral testing the specialist (after two others) was finally a Rhematoligist that made the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I have started doing some research of my own and had found that people with Fibromyalgia can also suffer from miagraines and IBS. I have had these other two conditions for the last four years (and even longer) and then I started to feel the pain in my lower back and knees and then my shoulder and neck area then my left arm and finally my right arm. In the mornings I felt like I was hit by a Mac Truck and as the day went on, I felt even worse and by the end of the day it felt like I was hit by three. The pain just seemed to get worse. I do accounting work so most of my day is sitting and I would get up and just walk after sitting for 2 hours and I felt so still trying to get up and just move.

Please share with me some of your experiences because for at least the last 8 months I was wondering if there was anything wrong and I had family members think it was all in my head.

Learning that there is a condition I had learned that my oldest sister was also being treated for this condition. She was also bipolar and other mental illness and she didn't have much of the family support. I was the one that stayed by her side and helped her whenever she needed it because even her own children didn't want to deal with it. My sister has since passed away over 15 months ago from other problems that was misdiagnosed by doctors.

I want to thank you in advance with anyone who would like to share.