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Is there any manufacturer who makes xanax 2mg shaped like a football and scored to break in 4?

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LiverLips 2 Jul 2011

I looked on the pill identifier at the top of this page. Please click there & enter Xanax in the search browser. The 1st one displayed is very similar to your question. Is this the one that you mean? It's made by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.A.

Thanks. Let me know. All the best! from Wendy :) LiverLips

Inactive 2 Jul 2011

I checked the pill identifier & couldn't find one football or (oval) in a 2mg strength. Usually is only img with 1 score to cut in half. The 2mg. is usually a bar shaped one with that is 2 mg with lines to cut it into .50mg. Hope this helps. I could be wrong, but don't think they make one oval that would be scored into .50mg.

Inactive 2 Jul 2011

I think it would hard for even the manufacturer to get it exactly right to score an oval shaped pill into .50 dosage four times. I wouldn't want to try it ! Mary

Inactive 2 Jul 2011

Manufacturer: SIMEX GROUP Corp. (China)

Click on the link to view an image of the pill:

Take care,

Inactive 2 Jul 2011

Hey Andres, I looked at that one & it's only scored 3 times. You are always right of course, but thought the question was scored 4 times,? Seems odd to me.

Inactive 2 Jul 2011

Yes , I know what you mean Mary, but one can search for a long time and this is the best I could do... they are from the far East, and you know how difficult it is to ID a pill from not even the U.S., but from where I am!!!
My personal opinion is that the 4 score xanax are bars. I have taken the purple football ones from Upjohn, they are 1 mg. and they have a score line on the other side.

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