i was on 90mlg of methadone a day after deciding to get on it to try an kick my oc habbit. worst mistake i may have ever made... i just started suboxone almost two weeks ago and started it after only getting myself down to 65 mlg of methadone. it has been literal hell. physically and mentally. I've almost given up, but im only 23 with a beautiful precious 3 year old son. on top of trying to beat this, i have so much pain from kidney stones that dr's cant seem to see, but i pee blood so much so often an have constant pain in my kidney's, so its just one cruel joke of life .I need help, im sinking mentally. I cant let my son loose his mother to this nasty addiction. I've just realized tonight that im going to loose this battle if i keep trying to fight it by myself. i need to talk to someone who understands the true hell it is, i would be so very thankful for any suggestions or anything any piece of advice to help me beat this... thanks