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Is there any help for people with no insurance and low-income to get Suboxone to get off narcotics?

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shoegirl1 4 May 2010

I'm not sure. Have you checked there website? You should check there. Also you can google a list of suboxone dr's in your area. Not all dr's can prescribe it. Then you could call or go by & explain your situation & see what they will do. They will probably push you toward the methadone because it is a lot cheaper but I have always been afraid to go down that rode. When I first went though they did really try to sway me in that direction. So be careful. I am lucky to have insurance that covers my meds except for a small co-pay without it the suboxone around here is about $600 a month vs about $10 a day for meth. But keep in mind that most of these doc's are at least the one's I have been to, 3 now. All wanted private pay. None took insurance anyway. Each intital appt. I went to see these idiots cost me $300 & then from $100 - $150 for the next visits.

till33 5 May 2010

no but you can get on the rickett bensicker the people who make suboxone they have a patient assistance program.but there is allways a catch.if the dr you decide too go too allready have two patiens on the assistance program then you cant get on it.i think thats pretty shitty considering the money they are making off us.i have no insurance either the only way i get it is my prescription for just 30 pills is allmost 200 dollars.and you know it probably cost less than 50 cents a pill to make

justjess 6 May 2010

I am in a similar situation. I have no insurance and it is costing me a fortune to pay cash for my dr. appts and suboxone scripts. I make too much money so I do not qualify for any goverment assistance but cant afford to stay on the suboxone program very much longer because I have too many other bills.
I have been told this information:
CVS pharmacy will fill partial refills, even as small as 2 pills at a time.
Doctors are allowed 1 patient per month that they can do some sort of paperwork that gets them into an indigency program. Ask your doctor if he can get you in on the hardship program ( indigency).
You also may ask the pharmacist if there are any programs in your area that help pay for suboxone.
You may also ask the local churches in your area. Many have programs where they help individuals pay for their prescriptions especially recovering addicts.Good luck to you. If you find out any helpful info please let me know. free discount card

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