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Is there any good medication for my depression apart from Xanex without side effects?

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MinaTarie82 27 Sep 2009

I have taken several different medications over the years and the only one I have found to not have side effects and help me has been Celexa. Of course everyone is different Abilify is also very good medication, it helped me for a long time.

Terry Scharig 27 Sep 2009

I suppose certain people have different results from meds ... that will be my disclaimer. I have taken Xanex to take the edge off, under stress... but it tends to slow me down make me tired ... at least for a while. Its great for making your mind slow down so you can sleep, which I continue to benefit.

However, as certain conditions in the economic market changed, family pressures grew stronger I began to develop depression symtoms. I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. At first I went thru some adjustment periods, but finally adjusted and love it. Beware it is not a "take it now" and feel better solution. It takes time. I would give it two months before you are really "on-line". The benefits do show gratdually but again give it the time required to balance out your system.
I use the generic, cheap and works for me. Check out the blogs on the side effects they are not bad but worth knowing. free discount card

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