I am in unbarable pain since two years after an omnipaque injection to identify kidney stones.No medical doctor can find out what is wrong with me. My symptoms started the day of the injection and developed during the following week with dizziness,nausea, pins and needles from my head to my feet and arms, I had a strange headache, there was stinging and pain around my right kidney area, a burning sensation of my legs and arms, I felt very unwell with cramp in my muscles.
Now two years later I am still unable to walk due to the pain in my knees,hips and groin, the alternating burning and feezing sensation in my legs, the cram and trembling is making my life unbarable.
I am unable to do anything for myself and no pain killers have any effect.
I have resently read about detrimental affects contrast medims can have on some patients and wonder if there is any doctor in Sweden recognises my symptoms.