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Is there another dosage instead of 4 pills (2000mg) @ once of metronidazole for trichomoniasis?

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marjorie zych 16 May 2010

Unfortunately from what I read and understand Flagyl (Metronidazole) is the best treatment for it. Both partners should be treated even if the other has no symptoms in order to kill it completely. Sorry 4 pills it is. Wish I could help more.

Anonymous 16 May 2010

Ive taken this med before & its pretty harsh. It was 2x a day for 7 days. I dont even think I made it the whole 7 days! Im dreading this! thanx anyways!

abynum55 19 Nov 2017

I have took 4 pills at one time when does it work or let me no if i am getting better feeling better 3 days then last night. Just burning when i. Pea no color discharge at all Thanks

Anonymous 16 May 2010

Yeah, you can take 1 pill per day but make sure you get a follow up and make sure the trich is gone after treatment. This medication gives you a metallic taste and makes most people horrible nauseous. You may also be able to use the metro gel, which is strictly for vagina use and may not give you the horrible nausea or taste. My first ob/gyn gave me 8 of these pills and told me to take all 8 at once. Either way you take it, you may have a yeast infection after treatment. You must get your partner treated as well for the trich, trich is actually a protozoan and is communicable.

Anonymous 16 May 2010

omg... How did you feel taking 8 pills @ once? So the 4 pills I have ..I can take 1 per day & it should be gone? Or should I take 2 pills one day & 2 the next? I do have the gel... is that good for the trich as well? I had the gel for the bacteria. Is it safe to do both gel & pills? Also is it safe to be on amoxicillin & take metro? The nurse said it was ok but I wanted to wait until I finished the one first. any suggestions?

Anonymous 16 May 2010

Let's just say I didn't keep the 8 pills down for very long and felt horrible for a whole day. You can take 2 pills per day, my suggestion was for if it is making you sick on your stomach. I have heard of people taking flagyl ( the pills) and another antibiotic, if the doctor said to do that, and you aren't feeling too bad, you can do that. You may get a yeast since both medicines are so strong, make sure you have a check up to make sure the trich is gone. You can use both the pills and the gel at the same time.

Anonymous 17 May 2010

Thanks for all your input. Im just going to wqit until I finish the amoxicillin first & then take metro 2x a day for 2 days! Hopefully everything will be cleared up! Also is it a good idea to eat plain yogurt while Im taking these meds?

Sheriemccorkle 9 Sep 2017

I have trich they gave me metronidazole but I don't know how to swallow pills and every time smash them up I threw it back up it's like my body is rejecting the pills. I tried everything putting the pills in oatmeal cake apple sauce peanut butter. Is there any thing else I could take to get rid of this trich ?

PlentyOf 18 Oct 2017

Just get a pill put it in your mouth and cover your nose take a big gulp of water, the taste and size of it is pretty horrible so covering your nose will help with that. Drink either water or juice and do it at night time right before going to sleep to help ease the side effects. free discount card

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