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Is there an alternative now that phenazo is no longer available?

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DzooBaby 24 Mar 2011

Wow! I had no idea this had been taken off the market! I used to get the OTC AZO Standard. That is no longer available?

billnterrac 25 Mar 2011

I am not sure if you are treating a burning sensation or a feeling of pressure, but I take Cystex to help with the feeling that my bladder is always full or that it is twitching. It doesn't turn your urine any color, and I don't know if it gets rid of a burning sensation. There are 2 medications in it, and one of them is similar to aspirin, so if you can't take aspirin, this wouldn't be a good choice for you. I live in the US and can only find this in Walgreens and Medco (a website for mail-order medications). It is OTC. I also take Elmiron and Elavil, but sometimes I need Cystex for breakthrough pain/discomfort.

Take care - Terra

DzooBaby 25 Mar 2011

I've tried Cystex. It doesnt work for the burning for me. I am seriously bummed they have discontinued this medication as I have multiple bladder infections every year and this medication is a life saver for me!!

billnterrac 28 Mar 2011

It really doesn't help with burning, just more of the pressure/discomfort feeling. I am guessing that AZO and Uricalm (both OTC) haven't worked for you either, because we all know we try everything to help with the pain! I hope you can find something that works for you. My doctor gave me a prescription for Urispas (sounds like You're a Spaz, nice, eh?) but it didn't do what I needed at the time. Maybe it would work for you? Hope you get relief soon - it isn't fun to have pain like this. Best wishes - Terra

billnterrac 28 Mar 2011

Since I posted my last message, I did some more digging and can't find anything that says that this has gone off the market or that it is Rx only. Do you know where you saw that? I checked on the FDA site where I usually get that kind of information but haven't been able to find anything there either. I guess I should ask if you are in the US since I didn't check for any other country-specific information.

vtech10 8 Apr 2011

Hi Taria I had no idea it was taken off the market, what about pyridium it has a orange type color but it helps with the pain yet it stains everything that is the major problem with this medication.. I use to take pyridium, vesicare, elmiron,amitryptaline at night and still come in for the 6 weeks bladder installations in between to help- the doc use to give me syringes filled with lidicane that would be inserted v--- ginally and it would help some. Hope some of the information helped you some, hopefully you can try this method... does this condition cause problems walking for anyone I am having a time lately with this issue... I am trying not to give up!!! vtech10

vtech10 26 May 2011

Taria , ABSOLUTELY!!! day in and day out sitting or standing, I take the same meds with the addition of vallium to relax the muscles. and guess what , that does not work either, then I received an email from fda alerts that elmiron was short of supply. I think other methods need to be available for us. My urogist specialist asked me to begin some massage therapy to my pelvic, low back and near the bladder. It has been since 2005, I just don't know if this new method will work. I have also talked to people that have tried the device that is inserted into your back for pain, I am not hearing good news on pain relief with that. At this point I am trying to get dissability for myself. Working any job in any capacity is completely out of the picture for me, the pain is just awful. I truly need a break of relief I told her, this is simply sufferering, really, vtech10 free discount card

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