I'm on day 3 of starting Opana ER 30mg for chronic back pain/sciatic pain x's 5 years.
Day 1: I felt pretty normal. Just a little nervous about starting new med.
Day 2: I felt pretty normal. Happy because I felt really good, in regards to pain.
Day 3: I have a lot of anxiety. A bit paranoid about mixing all these meds. Does anyone else have anxiety taking this? I'm also just feeling a bit "wonky", similar to being on the Norco's. I didn't really feel this the first 2 days as much.

I was so excited the first 2 days because I almost felt like a normal person again! (which i haven't felt in nearly 5 years). I guess overall I'm just feeling a lot of anxiety. I have been scared at night that maybe I won't wake up the next day because of this medication. Partially because I also take the Amitryptiline at night before bed, too. And also Hydrocodone (Norco) as needed for breakthru pain. I have moments where I feel like I can't get a deep enough breath, but I'm pretty certain that's just my acid-reflux, because I was having same issue last week when I doing some yoga.

I'm hoping that both the anxiety and "wonkiness" will go away after taking for a little while. Has anybody else had similar experiences??