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Is there a way to reduce the quantity of caffeine on your body?

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fall queen 30 Apr 2010

Yup, do not drink or eat anything with caffiene in it. No "energy drinks", even most soda has caffiene in it. Just read your labels before you eat or drink anything. One more thing alot of people think that tea has less caffeine than coffee, it has more. Hope that helped Fall Queen

steve.ka 30 Apr 2010

Thanks for a quick reply, Is Detox program like clearthetoxins claimed as a clinically proved and safe are helpful to me.

fall queen 30 Apr 2010

Please add some more info about the detox thing so I can offer someadvice Fall Queen

steve.ka 1 May 2010

“Clear the Toxins” is but one of a very few that is clinically-proven to work, and that has no known adverse side effects attached to its usage. Clinical results include 20% average drop in cholesterol, 30% drop in Triglycerides, weight loss, sleep improvements, joint pain reduction, energy improvements and much more!
I also watch their Client view at

christineATU 30 Apr 2010

Are you addicted to caffeine? I'm serious. After reading the Q and A's, just wondering. You're right about that ole wives tale QUEEN, about less caffeine in tea. I won the "name the middle name of the new baby" contest sponsored by my sister about her soon to be grand daughter. 15 participants, and I won a Tin Of Tea! Grinding my teeth, WIDE awake for hours. Looked like I was on the pipe! free discount card

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