I am a single mom to a absolutely gorgeous 2 year old daughter. my doctor has done EVERY test on me in the books. my kitchen counter resembles the pain medication isle in the drug store. i have tried EVERYTHING for pain and nothing helps- except for narcotic pain medicines! :( (why cant they come up with medication for pain that isn't a narcotic already!!! )

i have been on bed rest for the past 2 weeks and my pain level has only gone down from an 8 to a 7. i have no appetite and cant cook anyway because lifting and chopping hurt my wrists too much. unfortunately i have had to go the illegal route which is terrible because i dont want any trouble with the law... but my doctor doesn't take me seriously. i dont know if she even believes me, but there have been weeks where i call her nurse nearly every day crying in pain and all they tell me is to sit in a hot tub.

i have DEMANDED a referral to the mayo because i need to know what is wrong with me! the pain started shortly after giving birth to my daughter in my arms and neck- i assumed it was from holding her all the time and breastfeeding and hoped it would eventually go away... well, it hasn't. its been 2 years and is only escalating. it has escalated to a level i didn't think was possible!!!
I am worried about my mental health now too because enduring this pain day after day, minute after minute is driving me insane. i haven't been able to care for my daughter the past 2 weeks. fortunately i have very caring neighbors and they have been taking care of her for me.. but it cant go on like this forever plus I MISS HER SOOOOO MUCH! all of this mental and emotion strain is killing me. and being in constant pain doesn't help either.

i dont even know how soon ill be able to get into the mayo. I am just hoping they can finally give me some answers. i cant imagine they would just shrug their shoulders and tell me its all in my head (which in fact, is what my rheumatologist did to me!!! )

my symptoms are aching/throbbing/burning neck and upper back (shoulder area) its also in both arms from my elbows to my wrists and sometimes my hands and fingers too. i feel extremely weak all the time.
i eat maybe once a day and its never very much but I've actually put on weight.

i have a neurologist appointment on Tuesday but even that feels like weeks away since all i can do is lay here and suffer until then.

my doctor used to per scribe me Vicodin and Percocet but then stopped since they weren't finding any medical reason for the pain. i feel like i am going crazy. I would switch doctors but it seems like too much work and i dont want to have to go through all these tests and waiting again and I am not sure if my mayo referral would still be valid if i did that..

does anyone have any experience with ANYTHING like this? oh- i actually did find one thing that did help somewhat - its called "krontom" and i bought it on amazon.com. I am waiting for another shipment but even expediting it will only get it here by Tuesday.

plus its pretty expensive and i have basically no money now since I've blown it all on OTC "remedies" from blue emu oil to Doans backache pills to icy hot patches, to replacing the electrodes on my tens unit (which by the way is a huge pain in the ass and doesn't even relieve my pain.

so if anyone knows anyone or anywhere i can get this stuff legally or at a fair price, god bless you. i cannot fully express to you the suffering I have been going through and i feel like i am quickly approaching my wits end!!

thank you and god bless.