I have been prescribed several different meds for my back pain (arthritis). Ultram was the only one that actually helped relieve the pain but i also got an allergic reaction from it which isn't good. So i just want to know are there any other meds out there that have the same effect that will most likely not give me an allergic reaction? Also I have never been allergic to anything else in my life and the meds that my DR prescribed me were diclofenac 50mg, cyclobenzaprine 10mg, nabumetone 500mg and i am currently on nortriptyline 10mg. I dont know the MG of the ultram because i just threw them away like my DR asked. I cant sleep, barely want to leave the house, cant even walk or play with my puppy at times and i just want relief so i can go back to work and go on with my life. Thanks In Advance If Anyone Knows