Am taking 25-100 Sinemet tabs TID for Parkinson's disease but begin "shuffling" gait after only 3-4 hours. I have been daignosed x 3 yrs. Am a caretaker for my 90 yr old mother and need to be able to function. I have no support system. I worry about eventual tardive dyskinesia, but my biggest worry is taking care of my mother and myself. The shuffling gait is unbearable. I feel like my feet are nailed to the floor and "gait" becomes a misnomer. I can't move. "Paralysis" would better describe my "gait". I have medicare and a good HMO plan. I was previously on Mirapex but developed painful muscle problems. Have been on Sinemet about 3 months. Have wondered if P.T. would help. Or maybe a case manager. Perhaps counselling from an R.D as to dietary do's and don'ts related to use of sinemet, plasma peaks etc. Thanks.