I have been taking 40mg of Oxycontin 2x a day for 8 years now. I was asking about a generic for it because the new insurance we got stuck with will not pay for brand name drugs. My doc finally wrote me a prescription for 20mg Oxycodone (the generic) for me to take two, 2x a day. The pharmacy we go to, along with EVERY other pharmacy in the phone book didn't carry it either. You were all right about that! So, I had to wait 5 days to get some. I was afraid that I might go through withdrawls, but I didn't! Why is that? My pain went through the roof, but Praise God, no withdrawls! A friend of mine gave me a couple of her 8mg Dilauded one day, and they worked very well, considering I hadn't taken any Oxy for 5 days! I asked my pain management doc if I could try switching to Dilauded, and he said that would be a great idea, because I was on Oxy so long, it just wasn't working for me anymore. Also, it's a generic, and everywhere should carry it. What do you all think? Do you think this will work out for me? Have you ever tried Dilauded instead of Oxy? The Oxy I was taking was time release, so it helped me for a longer time, so that worries me a little. This pain has completely taken over my life. I hope all of you will get better, and thanks for your help. Barbara