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Is there a psoriasis hospital in the US?

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Marvell 3 Feb 2011

I couldn't find any information that there is a special hospital, in United States, which is dedicated to treating psoriasis.

It actually appears that hospitalization is seldom used for patient's with psoriasis.

angelsluck3x 1 Apr 2011

If I may if there is a hospital near you that also has students studying there.Like at the hospital I go to Is Medical Collage of Virginia is what it is called.It is a hospital,but also the resident students here come in with the docters to watch and learn as they are studying.They have the best docters there fresh out of school or been then there a long time.Where I live out of all the other hospitals for unusal dieases in the area here.All patients with all kinds of unusal dieases and disorders ect.are sent there in our area.They saved me from a drug reaction that burned me from the inside out of 95% of my body.Im alive today because of their team,but I do have pustular psoriasis from it among some others because of my immune system damage.So the best thing to do is search around very good even the background on the hospitals and what they are known for.You have that right as a patient at any hospital or docters office.I hope everything works out for you! free discount card

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