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Is there a proven difference between generic and nongeneric wellbutrin?

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LaurieShay 24 Mar 2011

Hey kathleenmoates,

There is no proven difference between the generic and the brand name Wellbutrin, at least that is what I believe. The manufacturer of the generic is bound by law to produce the medication with the same active ingredient as in the brand name. They may use different inactive ingredients such as a different color dye but the bupropion must be the same.

Most insurance companies make you get the generic because it is cheaper. I take the generic Wellbutrin and have not had any bad effects. Are you considering it?


kathleenmoates 24 Mar 2011

Yes I am but have read many entries that would indicate there isa difference in response to the med in some patients.

LaurieShay 24 Mar 2011

May be so, but I would be skeptical, to be honest with ya, just my opinion though.

suzanne66 24 Mar 2011

No, there is no proven difference between generic Wellbutrin and Wellbutrin.
As Laurie has said the FDA ensures that all generic medications undergo tests to compare them to brand-name medications and if they are equivalent are assigned an "AB" rating.
All of the wellbutrin generic versions available have been assigned an "AB rating - meaning they are equivalent to the brand Wellbutrin.

Fibro5077 25 Mar 2011

I just wanted to weigh in on the topic of generics. I personally do not take Wellbutrin, but I do take Cymbalta, Lamictal, Abilify and Seroquel along with 26 other drugs on a daily basis and most of my drugs are generics. In fact, my Lamictal is a generic and works great. I do not consciously notice a difference between the name brand and generic. I also do not notice specific side effects. I hope this helps. Only my opinion. free discount card

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