For a couple of years, my general practioner doctor had me on Benicar (HC, initially) for pre-hypertensive readings. No big deal. I usually took the medicine but discovered it had a half-life that would lag into the next day. So, I told him I'd like to take it every other day, and the doctor agreed.
I had a fair number of pills built up due to this switch, and eventually, due to impact on my sex life, abandoned taking them altogether. After a year gap, the pharmacist suggested the brand name of Losartan Potassium and my doctor agreed .
I'm finding the same sort of half-life, but when I forget to take it in the morning, I have a "stash" of Benicar at my desk at work.
Would it be a problem to alternate between the two, OR, when forgetting to take the Losartan, to make up one dose with Benicar? It would save me SO much money to use up the supply of Benicar this way...

Don't they both do basically the same thing? PS: I'm exercising more regularly (almost daily) and cutting down on caffine, salt, etc... but not consistantly.