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Is there a pill to help you get off percocet?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2010

Yes, there are several opiate replacement meds that can help you get off percocet as well as a system called the Thomas recipe. Google the thomas recipe opiate withdrawal just so you will have the info about it. You would use that formula if you didn't want to take opiate replacement. If someone truly has a lifelong pain problem and needs long term meds that act for more than just a few hours, methadone is the route to go. You can check with a pain management doctor about that. If you have been taking more than 5 percocets per day for over a year and want to stop, check out suboxone or subutex. They are sister medications, suboxone has an additional blocking medication in it that subutex does not have. Both block additional opiates. You do HAVE to be in moderate withdrawal for either suboxone or subutex to work and you do have to go to a doctor licensed to write a prescription for it. If you have only been on percocet for a short while or are not taking them every day or not for a year, then the thomas recipe would probably be you best bet. Go to the suboxone website and look for ALL the doctors in your area licensed to write a presciption for it, they do charge a fee and the medication is between $7 to $8 per pill, depending on where you have it filled. You can usually get a partial refill if you don't have insurance and you don't have alot of money. Call all the doctors who prescibe it in you area and ask how much their fee is. It varies from doctor to doctor. free discount card

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