I've been addicted to perc's for bout 3 years now. Started @ the 5 milligram ones, to the teens and 30's and quite alot of them in a day. I don't want them anymore but cannot handle the withdraws. I get suboxone off the street to handle myself when don't have the other. A lesser of two evils I suppose. However, even now, mainly taking the subs more often than the perc's, I still have the same hardcore symptoms if I even try to go without taking part of a sub. I hate pills really, from coming from a family of this exact addiction I guess I thought u really didn't become dependant on them... just didn't want to stop. I was wrong and now dealing with the reality myself. My question boils down to this- is there a one time pill u can take (maybe for a week tops) that could and would totally rid u of having to take suboxone over an extended period of time? It's a vicious cycle I go through. If I can't find any sub's, I go back to perc's and the nightmare continues. I don't even want to take the sub's, but in order to function as a human, mother, wife, employee, part of society... I need to. Is there another way to just shake this monkey off my back with just one swift kick? Probably not for I've looked @ numerous sites already... but maybe this one might give me more hope??? Thanks