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Is there a organization that will help with the cost of Lexapro?

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goldiej 22 Nov 2010

I think so. My friend has done it. I suggest you visit their website if you can't find it, then there should be a "contact us" link. Just ask them. I'm almost POSITIVE they do, because my best friend did it. She never pays for her meds, and Lexapro is one of the ones she took.

skii 22 Nov 2010

Try the drug company website, when i worked in the pharmacy that's what i told my customers that couldn't afford them.Then there's another thought you can go to the the Giant Eagle drug list,Lexapro isn't on it but there's other ones on it.You can switch to something else.I'm bipolar/depression & i've done that.I have insurances but i can get it cheaper than mail order.Plus mail order is a pain.If you have to have that one though look on the drug companys website.

Inactive 22 Nov 2010

Hello donsworld,

Lexapro is manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals.

They do have a patient assistance program , and you must fill out a form.-

Psyched 22 Nov 2010

Good work Maso! And Happy Thanksgiving (not sure if you have that in Chile, but you did live in the US so it should count) ;)

Inactive 22 Nov 2010

Thank you my friend and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Loissoner 22 Dec 2010

I don't know about that, but I take 1o mg per day, and my Dr ordered 20 mg for me and I cut them in half, therefore making them last two months instead of one which saves half!

aidamoon 23 Dec 2010

I totally do the same thing but it still costs so much! free discount card

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