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Is there a new Vicodin pill coming out but it still need's to be aproved?

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Inactive 7 Jan 2012

I read there was a new form of extended vicodin coming out, I read it on msn recently, they are awfully concerned about it being abused, so that is why they are holding up on it. I didn't see where they listed a time it might be released. Hey, I sent you a pq, if you get a chance, please check it. Thanks, pattishan61

mvolpe 11 Jan 2012

pattishan61 i'm not really sure what a pq is or where it is lol helppppp!!!

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

Ok Bunny Boo, click on your own avatar, it will take you to your page, you should see a prompt saying questions and answers, click that and then you will see prompts saying my questions, my answers, my comments and finally my private questions, whqt we call pqs, click that prompt and you should see it. You can respond by clicking add my response, then you can click the box that says email me if someone responds and it should send you and email alert on that particular private question. If you can get on your page and hit settings, you can click in boxes in order to set up email alerts. I am hurrying to work, i'll check back and i hope this helps you a bit. I had lots of trouble figuring things out when i got here, i am techno gilligan. Haha, patti

tlcandmore 8 Jan 2012

Hi Mvlope,
I read on the FDA website that this new time released Vicodin (I believe the name is Zohydro) is to be approved by the FDA this month. It is said to be 4 times stronger than Vicodin and that has some worried about potential abuse. The article said that it should hit the market early next year. I always wondered why they didn't have a time released form of Hydrocodone. We will see what happens.
Your friend -Terri-

tlcandmore 8 Jan 2012

Actually the article I read said it was 10 times more potent than Vicodin. But it is time released so you wouldn't get that all at once. I think that is why so many are worried though since "abusers" always seem to find a way to get around that. free discount card

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