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Is there a link between my sudden outbursts of aggression and my bipolar disorder?

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Psyched 21 Oct 2009

It is definitely possible. Bipolar people have mood swings and can become easily aggrevated/agitated. Are you taking any meds for your bipolar condition? If you are and this has started recently, you need to inform your doctor because he/she may need to adjust your dosage. Hope this helps.

porcupine2 22 Oct 2009

Hi Arno - Yes, absolutely! I too have bipolar disorder and have these bursts of rage as well. Most people think bipolar is extremes between happy/sad or manic/depression, but outbursts of aggression are also considered to be 'manic' episodes. I am taking Lamictal which seems to be one of the better meds especially when taken with an anti-depressant. I would talk to your doctor and see if he/she thinks you may be a candidate. Good luck to you - it's not often I see someone who's bipolar is similar to mine.

laurena1 22 Oct 2009

Yes, Arno, I do believe it is part of being bipolar. My husband was diagnosed during an extreme manic episode. He had already had ONE major depression. He has never had any extreme manic episodes or depressive episodes since. BUT--he does fly off the handle for little things that should not matter and he does not listen to me when in these aggressive, agitated, most of the time mean, moods. He is on 50mg. Seroquel and is still seeing a therapist. I just hope to god the medicine is working, even if we have to up it. His nasty-sometimes-attitude wreaks havoc on our lives. Good Luck. laurena1

Arno 22 Oct 2009

Hi Laurena1, I'm taking Lithium Carbonate. I tried seraquel and Epilem, but it made me even worse. I am speaking to therapysts, but the main thing that I've been finding out recently is that once the meds are right, realize what you stand to lose (family, job, etc) and find a hobby (surfing, golf, swimming, etc) and definately NO alcohol. Life seems so much brighter then. Arno

Big Dog Dad 26 Oct 2009

I too am Bi-polar with anger outbursts most always over the smallest thing. I read where you have already tried what has worked best for me... Seroquel. My doctor started me on only 50mg at bedtime and has worked me up to 200mg which is a relativity low dose. I have a friend who is on Trazadone and that works better for him than Seroquel. My anger outbursts almost cost me my marriage. I wish you good luck on find the medication or combination of medications that work for you.

Arno 26 Oct 2009

Hey Big Dog Dad,
I'm currently sepperated from my wife because of my 'outburst'. We are talking and she visits after dropping our daughter off at school, but thats about it. We both agreed that I need sometime to get my head right and back on track. I need to get all my systems in place and lay off the alcohol because Lithium dehidrates you and so does alcohol which leads to very bad things. What I'm trying to say is Lithium works, when I use it correctly, but when I 'forget' the rules, then everything goes south. Arno

Big Dog Dad 26 Oct 2009

I self medicated with Southern Comfort during my first marriage. That really was a poor plan on my part. Luckily my 2nd wife knows a little something about mental health and sat in on one of my doctor appointments about 2 yrs ago and it has taken from that first visit until my last visit about 3 weeks ago to find what works best for me and for me to dump the Southern Comfort. Now for the most part I can tell when an outburst is coming on and let those around me know why I'm leaving the area until I can calm myself.

marliesmommy 26 Oct 2009

I would most defintly say yes, there could be. I find myself gettin aggravated and mad about the littlest things. I have a 4 year old daughter and I feel so horrible cause the littlest things she does sometimes can make me fly of the handle. Its the same with my husband. He can say or do something that will just piss me off.

frankie72 6 Jan 2010

arno i still go through those outbursts just the other day i had to leave work if not it would of gotten ugly but i went straight to my doctor she gave me 3 days off and some abilify with my other meds good luck man hang in their

SharR 4 Jan 2010

Hi Arno,
I call my outbursts "inapropriate response to anger". I get angry with what I difine as injustices and label my ourburst as a "well worded fiery response". However, my husband has a personality disorder that includes narcisism. He thinks he is Moe of the three stooges. He is just as inadequate as the next, but directs inadequacy at me. I get so frustrated trying to reason with him that eventually when he won't leave me to myself, I have an outrageous outburst. I suppose I wouldn't react that way if I weren't bi-polar, but I don't know that a normal person wouldn't react to him. One of his employees threatened to do him bodily injury! I tend to believe, however, that my outbursts are a reaction to out of control chemical misfires. I also am certain that stress brings on this tendency of us bi-bolar people.

sjzoey 5 Jan 2010

yes aggression is part of the imbalance... med adjustments can help with to your dr. make notes on when and what set you off... i fpund that when this happens to me that my meds are wearing off to soon..check w/ your dr

Sideffects2 16 Jan 2010

Try the xr formulation of Seroquel so you have more protection from your anxiety/anger outbursts. free discount card

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